Stop The Chop NY NJ

Stop The Chop is a grassroots organization formed to reduce helicopter noise and ban nonessential flights over NYC, the NY Metropolitan Area and NJ, due to the noise, environmental, and quality of life impacts.

Our Mission

To eliminate non-essential helicopters from the New York metropolitan area.

Stop the Chop NYNJ is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt grassroots organization formed to ban nonessential helicopter flights over NYC, the NY Metropolitan Area and NJ. 

Non-essential (tourist, charter and commuter) helicopter flights dramatically reduce the quality of life for millions of people in the New York metropolitan area. They pollute our environment, pose significant safety risks, harm our children, and make us miserable:

Bad for Our Cities – Nearly two million residents live and work along these tourist flight paths. With lax screening of passengers, these helicopters pose a serious security and safety risk to our neighborhoods and monuments. The incessant and loud non-essential helicopter flights over our homes, parks and open spaces detract from the urban oases residents and tourists need as a respite from busy streets.

Bad for Public Health – Excessive helicopter noise can lead to slower brain development in children and eventual brain damage, if not curtailed early.  Many schools are near the flightpaths of these helicopters. There are numerous scientist studies showing the deleterious effect of noise on learning. With over 30 NYC helicopter crashes since 1980 (many resulting in serious injuries and fatalities), the risk of bodily harm to residents and tourists by nonessential helicopters flying above our densely populated cities is a risk too great to continue to allow.

Bad for the Environment – Each helicopter produces 950 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour. The average car produces 22 pounds per hour. For downtown workers and residents, eight choppers idling on the heliport is like 340 cars idling outside your window.   Helicopters also contribute to climate change. Aviation is responsible for 12% of Co2 emissions from all transportation sources.

Bad for the Economy – Helicopter crashes disrupt businesses and utilize expensive emergency services; helicopter noise likely reduces real estate values and negatively impacts outdoor businesses, festivals and public events. After spending over a $1 billion on our waterfront parks, users now have to suffer with flights as often as every two minutes.

Bad for New York & New Jersey – It is time to take back our skies and our peace of mind. Please help us educate the community and our elected officials about the harm caused by these nonessential flights.