Stop The Chop NY NJ

Stop The Chop is a grassroots organization formed to reduce helicopter noise and ban nonessential flights over NYC, the NY Metropolitan Area and NJ, due to the noise, environmental, and quality of life impacts.

Brooklyn Helicopter Info & Maps

Information and maps about constant commuter/charter helicopter traffic over Brooklyn, including many environmental justice communities

Non-essential (commuter & charter) helicopters pass over many Brooklyn neighborhoods multiple times every day. If you are a Brooklyn resident and suffer from regular helicopter overflights and associated noise, it is very likely these flights are commuter flights, usually to/from JFK airport and Manhattan. The vast majority of the time they are not police, medical, etc. These maps tell the tale of ‘’two cities” – the wealthy, privileged few utilizing one of the most polluting forms of transportation over communities already disproportionately experiencing high rates of diseases (such as asthma and Covid)

While tourist helicopter flights originating in NYC are subject to at least some barely minimal regulation which bars them from, among other things, flying directly over land, commuter flights are currently subject to NO meaningful regulation; operators are free to fly pretty much wherever they wish, and as shown below, virtually their entire flightpaths are over environmental communities.  The good news is that a significant number of NYC elected officials support legislation that will bring a measure of environmental justice to NYC’s communities.

At this time most of these flights are operated by Blade, a commuter helicopter service – many of the maps below show a helicopter with tail N92N, a confirmed Blade-contracted helicopter. N69F and N38BL are other tail numbers known to be used by Blade.