Stop The Chop NY NJ

Stop The Chop is a grassroots organization formed to reduce helicopter noise and ban nonessential flights over NYC, the NY Metropolitan Area and NJ, due to the noise, environmental, and quality of life impacts.

Stop The Chop NY/NJ is a grassroots organization formed to reduce helicopter noise and ban nonessential flights over the NYC Metropolitan Area.

Actions you can take now

to close NYC-owned heliports to nonessential flights, ban nonessential helicopters & regulate our airspace.

Bad For Our Cities

Millions of residents live and work along these tourist flight paths. With lax passenger screening, these tourist and charter helicopters pose a serious security and safety risk, as well as diminishes our quality of life. The incessant and loud non-essential helicopter flights over our homes, parks and open spaces detract from the urban oases residents and tourists need as a respite from busy streets. Lastly, we learned during the pandemic, it’s even more important that helicopters don’t pollute our air space with residents working and studying at home.

Bad For Public Health

Excessive helicopter traffic creates extreme noise which is believed to cause a large range of serious physical and mental health issues. ItĀ also can impair memory, lower reading and speech comprehension, and reduce cognitive abilities in children and adults. With over 30 NYC helicopter crashes since 1980 (many resulting in serious injuries and fatalities), the risk of bodily harm to residents and tourists by nonessential helicopters flying above our densely populated area is too great a danger to allow.

Bad For The Environment

Each helicopter produces 950 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour. The average car produces 22 pounds per hour. Eight choppers idling on the heliport is like 340 cars idling. Fossil-fuel guzzling nonessential helicopters, such as those used for tourist joyrides, are the antithesis of environmentally-friendly modes of transport. With the extreme negative effects of climate change looming for coastal cities such as NYC (eg., rising sea levels and ensuing floods; deadly heat waves), we must end the use of such carbon-intensive, unnecessary aircraft incessantly flying in our airspace for no good reasons.  

Bad For The Economy

Helicopter crashes disrupt businesses and utilize expensive emergency services; helicopter noise likely reduces real estate values and negatively impacts outdoor businesses, festivals and public events. Helicopter companies unfairly externalize their costs to society (eg., environmental, medical and emergency services, reduction of mental and emotional well-being due to the stress of repetitive extreme noise conditions). 

Stop the Chop NY/NJ Logo

Stop the Chop NY/NJ is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt grassroots organization formed with the purpose of educating the public about the dangers to health, the environment and national security presented by the ceaseless non-essential helicopter sightseeing tours and commuter flights that fly over the NY Metropolitan area. Staffed entirely by volunteers, Stop the Chop NY/NJ operates on limited resources.  We are a member of Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer’s “Helicopter Task Force.”

Please help us spread the word about the dangers of these nonessential tourist joyrides by making a tax deductible donation today.